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Fraunhofer Institute to be located in Porto

 - 09/07/2007

Logotipo da FhG – Fraunhofer GesellschaftThe Steering Committee of the Fraunhofer - Portugal Program has decided to locate the Fraunhofer Institute near the University of Porto (text in Portuguese), following an assessment by Fraunhofer Gesellschaft of proposals received from various Portuguese universities, which involved visits to and face-to-face interaction with those responsible. As such, another decisive step has been taken in the setting up in Portugal of the first Fraunhofer Institute to be located outside Germany.

The Launching of the Fraunhofer – Portugal Program took place on April 18, 2007, under the framework of the Knowledge Networks activities, with the signing of an agreement between the Science and Technology Foundation (FCT), The Knowledge Society Agency (UMIC) and FhG – Fraunhofer Gesellshaft – the company that manages 56 applied research laboratories in Germany and is the largest applied research organization in Europe.

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