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National ICT Research Directors Forum and High Level Event on ICT R&D and Globalisation, Berlin

 - 23/04/2007

EU German Presidency Logotype A meeting of the National ICT Research Directors Forum will be held on 23rd April 2007 in Berlin under the German Presidency of the EU where EU Member States and EU Framework Research Programme associate countries will be represented by the Directorates-General responsible for Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) research.

Portugal will be represented by the President of Knowledge Society Agency (UMIC) at the National ICT Research Directors Forum.

The National ICT Research Directors Forum’s agenda includes discussion of aspects of cooperation in ICT research, especially in the scope of the new ICT 2020 German Research Programme which will be unveiled at the event, Joint Technology Initiatives and initiatives under Article 169 of the Treaty, and shall also incorporate discussion of opportunities for developing lead markets. A presentation of the perspectives of the Portuguese Presidency by the Portuguese representative is scheduled for the end of the session.

A High Level Event on ICT R&D and Globalisation will be held the next day, 24th April. Portugal will be participating a great deal at this event, including:

  • One of the 4 plenary communications: “A national strategy for linking multinational cooperations to SMEs and regional excellence”, by Pedro Guedes de Oliveira, Professor at the Engineering Faculty of the Universidade do Porto and member of the Fraunhofer – Portugal Joint Steering Committee, focussing on Partnerships for the Future projects which have been launched between Portugal and MIT, CMU, UT Austin, Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, Harvard Medical School.
  • Coordination of one of the 3 parallel sessions: “Working Session 3 – National Research and Innovation Strategies in an International Context”, by Luis Magalhães, President of the Knowledge Society Agency (UMIC), in conjunction with Wolfgang Tostmann from the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Sofie Nørager from the European Commission’s DG INFSO. One of the speakers at this session was a Portuguese who has been based in Germany for many years, José Luís Encarnação, founder and Director of GraphicsNet Stiftung, INIT-GraphicsNet Investitions Holding GmbH, INI.GraphicsNet Foundation.
  • 2 speakers at one of the other 3 parallel sessions: “Working Session 1 – European SMEs & Globalisation”:
    • Luis Magalhães, President of the Knowledge Society Agency (UMIC), as one of 2 representatives from Member States who have presented examples of strategies and success stories of encouraging development and growth of SMEs performing well in terms of R&D in ICT and the impact of growing globalisation at national level (the other representative from a Member State was Reinhard Goebl from the Austrian Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology)
    • Epifânio da Franca, CEO of the Chipidea company (see New Technology Companies) who presented the point of view of a successful SME working in the field of cutting-edge microelectronic technology.
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