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Meeting of the High Level Group on Internet Governance (April 2010)

 - 29/04/2010

Internet Governance logo, High Level Group (HLIG)The High Level Group on Internet Governance (HLIG), an informal group of experts who advise the European Commission, met in Madrid on 28 May 2010.

The main subjects for consideration at the meeting were: the evaluation and accountability to the Internet community process established by the ICANN – Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers by the Affirmation of Commitments (AOC) signed in September 2009 by the ICANN and the US Department of Commerce; the Dutch and Norwegian proposal on the organisation of the GAC – ICANN Governmental Advisory Committee Secretariat; the EURODIG – European Dialogue on Internet Governance meeting, the European IGF, taking place two days later; preparation of the 5th IGF – Internet Governance Forum to be held in Vilnius, Lithuania, on 14-17 September 2010, a topic which included a presentation of the situation and most recent developments by the head of the IGF Secretariat, Markus Kummer and references to the preparation of the 13th Session of the UN’s Commission on Science and Technology for Development, scheduled for 17-21 May 2010; information on the development of the European Union (EU)’s contacts with UNDESA – United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs on “strengthened cooperation”.

As usual, Portugal was represented at the meeting by The Knowledge Society Agency (UMIC), through its President, Luis Magalhães.

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