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1st European e-Skills Week

 - 01/03/2010

Logotipo da European e-Skills Week1 March 2010 marked the opening of the 1st e-Skills Week, to take place between 1-5 March. This was launched by the European Commission to carry out awareness-raising activities to promote the importance of developing Information and Communication Technological (ICT) skills. The initiative was launched by the Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry of the European Commission and involves around 20 countries. Three key messages have been proposed for this Week: the ICT contribution to employability, the attractiveness of ICT careers, and the role of ICT in business competitiveness.

The Knowledge Society Agency (UMIC), as the entity encharged with the mission to coordinate policies for the information society and mobilize it by carrying out dissemination activities, and promoting research and qualifications, forms parts of this initiative to promote activities aimed at the population. It added a further key message: The promotion of basic ICT skills so as to combat info-exclusion, and the strengthening of citizenship and social cohesion within the context of the Information Society.

From 1 to 13 March 2010, and in conjunction with the Internet Spaces Network (site in Portuguese), UMIC carried out various initiatives regarding ICT skills in the approximately 1 170 Internet Spaces throughout the country, including the awarding of Basic Skills Diplomas in Information and Communication Technologies (DBC). Some of the activities (See complete list (text in Portuguese)) included the following:


  • Ponte da Barca Internet Space: 1-8 March, ICT Training for Senior Citizens, Senior Citizens University of Ponte da Barca
    João Santos/César Costa, Tel.: 258 480 180. Email:
  • Lúcio Craveiro Library, Braga: 1 and March 8, 18.00-20.00, "It's never too late to learn," Senior Citizens aged 55 years and over
    Aida Alves, Tel: 253 205 970. Email:
  • Espaços AlmadaInforma, Almada, Feijó e Charneca da Caparica: 8 to 13 March, Internet Senior Training Sessions
    Fernando Fernandes and Ricardo Lucas, Tel.: 212 740 116; Elisabete Varino, telef.: 212 250 269; Ana Mendes and Carina Vieira, telef.: 212 975 863. Email:
  • Centre for the Living Science of the Forest: 8 to 13 March, Computers for Senior Citizens
    Marco Godinho, Tel.: 274 670 220. Email:
  • Ferreira do Alentejo Municipal Library: 13 March, morning, Introduction/ICT Training for Senior Citizens as part of the project “Grandparents on the Net”
    Clarisse Campos. Email:


  • Manuel Teixeira Gomes Municipal Library, Portimão: 27 February and 6 March, afternoon, "Making Blogs" – Awareness Raising for adolescent readers
    Dora Pereira – Tel.: 282 480 470. Email:
  • Mediar – National Association for Sociocultural Mediation, Amadora: 1 to 13 March, ICT Training for Students– "Knowledge Library"
    Elisabete Ramos. Email:
  • Miguel Torga Municipal Library, Arganil: 8 to 13 March, ICT Training for Schools
    Margarida Custódio Fróis, Tel.: 235 200 135. Email:
  • Lúcio Craveiro Library, Braga: 13 March, 11:00-12:30, "Making your own story using Office Tools"
    Aida Alves, Tel.: 253 205 970. Email:


  • Manuel Teixeira Gomes Municipal Library, Portimão: 24 February and 3 March, 21:30, "Participating in Social Networks"- Training for the Members of the Adult Reading Club
    Dora Pereira, Tel.: 282 480 470. Email:
  • Lageosa do Mondego Internet Space: 1 March, Training as part of the JAWS Programme for Citizens with Special Needs
    João Pereira, Tel.: 271 747 400. Email:
  • Espaço Jovem Association, Amadora: 1 to 13 March, ICT Training for Immigrants
    Paula Candeias. Email:
  • Coruche Internet Space: 1 to 13 March, Tuesdays and Thursdays, "The Computer won’t bite” – training for the unemployed, and DCB Training
    David Cardoso, Tel.: 243 660 661. Email:
  • Almeirim Internet Space: 8 to 13 March, Becoming ICT aware – ICT Learning Activities to pass the DCB
    Francisco Pereira, Tel.: 243 594 122, Ext. 11411. Email:
  • Vendas Novas Rural Digital Internet Space: 8 to 13 March, Training in DCB and Putting up Wallpaper to commemorate Woman’s Day
    Carlos Barbosa, Tel.: 265 807 700. Email:
  • Portalegre Internet Space: 10 March to 25 May, IRS – Internet Tax Declarations
    Nuno Melo, Email:
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