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ICANN - Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

 - 16/06/2009

ICANN – Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers was created in 1998 as a public interest not-for-profit organization, with headquarters in California, USA, for the coordination of the Internet names and numbers assignment system, the maintenance of a secure, stable and interoperable Internet, and the promotion of competition in the registry of names in the Internet, managing the DNS – Domain Identification System root servers, formerly managed by IANA – Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, within the USA Department of Commerce.

GAC – Governmental Advisory Committee

ccNSO – Country Code Names Support Organization


Committees/Groups in which UMIC Assures the Representation or Participation of Portugal and respective delegates within the ICANN:

  • GAC – Governmental Advisory Committee
    National Delegate: Luis Magalhães, President of UMIC.
    National Delegate alternate: Ana Cristina Neves, Head of International Relations of UMIC.
    The GAC is composed by representatives of governments of countries and public authorities in regional economies and intergovernmental organizations, and considers matters of public policy related to the activities of ICANN.
    It currently has 88 members, which together cover the locations of more than 90% of the Internet users, and 12 observers (see composition of GAC)
    Portugal is represented in the GAC by the President of UMIC and the Head of International Relations of UMIC.
  • ccNSO – Country Code Names Support Organisation
    National Delegate: Pedro Veiga, President of FCCN.
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