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Knowledge Society Agency (UMIC)
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SAP joins UMIC-promoted Higher Education ICT Academies

 - 14/09/2009

The Knowledge Society Agency (UMIC) and SAP, which has just launched its program of University Partnerships in Portugal, signed a collaboration agreement on September 14, 2009 that aims to provide specific training and certification in the Higher Educational ICT Academics promoted by UMIC in SAP commercial applications used in Portuguese companies.These cover a broad spectrum of applications, particularly in the commercial areas of accounting, finance, Human Resources management, operational management, supply chain management, marketing, business strategy and information systems.

The collaboration agreement between UMIC and SAP aims to create SAP curricula in Universities and other Higher Educational Institutions, allowing students involved in the scheme to obtain official certification from SAP. There are also plans to award internships to the best students and link them to an employment exchange involving SAP and its customers and partners. The agreement also covers the training and certification of teachers/trainers, who will be able to teach on the second year in which the programme runs.

With SAP having joined the ICT Academies in Higher Education initiative, this will broaden the opportunities for training and professional certification in universities and polytechnics in vocational skill areas of great interest. One obvious benefit of this initiative will be stronger ties between Higher Educational institutions and the business community along with more employable trainees.

For Edenize Maron, Country Manager for SAP Portugal, "The launch of this programme in Portugal and the signing of this agreement with the Knowledge Society Agency, of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education, are important contributions towards enabling more young professionals to enter the job market with the skills required by the current economic climate. The development of SAP curricula as part of the University Partnerships programme demonstrates the commitment of SAP to providing the next generation of business and Information Technology leaders with suitable preparation and knowledge of new technologies and innovative business models."

Students supported under this programme will use the same software that SAP business customers use worldwide, regardless of their sector of activity: this is the set of business applications in the SAP Business Suite, based on the SAP NetWeaver technological platform.

The University Partnerships programme involving SAP which has now been launched in Portugal has strengthened the long-term commitment of this company to Portugal, as well as forming part of the national strategy and action plan to promote knowledge and technology. The University Partnerships programme (Alianças Universitárias) currently covers around 170 000 students in 900 Universities and Higher Education Institutions in over 30 countries.

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