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3rd INL – MIT Meeting

 - 26/01/2009

Logo of INL International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory On 26 January 2009, a meeting took place in Lisbon between senior figures from the INL – Iberian International Nanotechnology Laboratory and MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology, with the aim of drawing up an INL-MIT Collaboration Programmeme, with long term strategic objectives and joint activities in the short term, thus continuing the contacts started at the 1st INL-MIT Meeting which was held on 31 October at MIT, in Cambridge, USA , and continued in the 2nd INL-MIT Meeting which was held on 22 November, in the Forum Ciência Viva 2008, in Lisbon.

INL was represented at the meeting by the President of the Board, Luis Magalhães, and Board representatives João Sentieiro and Carolina Rego Costa, the Director-General, José Rivas, and the Deputy Director-General , Pedro Freitas, and Science and Technology Foundation (FCT) was represented by, in addition to the aforementioned President in the capacity as representative of the INL Board, João Sentieiro, the Nanotechnology Network Coordinator for Portugal, Luis Melo, and on behalf of MIT the Director of the Micro Technology Laboratory, Anantha Chandrakasan, the Director of the Materials Processing Center, Carl Thompson, the Director of the International Innovation Initiative, Charles Cooney, the Director of the MIT-Portugal Programme at MIT, Daniel Roos, and the Assistant Director of the MIT-Portugal Programme at MIT, Robin Lemp.

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