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5th Meeting of the INL Board

 - 01/03/2009

Logo of INL International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory The Board of the INL – International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory, meeting in Lisbon on 1 March 2009, approved the adjudication proposals presented by the Director-General for the construction work related to fittings, networks, special infrastructures and external finishings and their respective fiscalisation, and also approved the proposal of the Director-General regarding adjustments to the duration and cost of the construction work for the building’s infrastructure, underground networks, roof and façades, and also approved the proposal to open tenders for scientific equipment. It also analysed and debated the report of the 2nd Meeting of the International Scientific Council of INL held on 23 January 2008, in Braga, considered the 2008 activity report, the 2009 activity plan and the proposed budget for 2009, and took note on and discussed the progress report presented by the Director-General.

The INL is currently under construction in Braga, and is a joint initiative between Portugal and Spain. It is the first international scientific organisation in the Iberian Peninsula and also the first, and until now the only, scientific organisation within the area of nanotechnology with an international legal status.

The INL Board consists of: Luis Magalhães, President of Knowledge Society Agency (UMIC), João Sentieiro, President of Science and Technology Foundation (FCT), Carolina Rego Costa, Lawyer, Advisor for the Minister for Science, Technology and Higher Education, representing Portugal, and José Manuel Labastida, Secretary-General for Scientific and Technical Policy, Montserrat Torné, Director-General for International Cooperation of the Ministry for Innovation and Science, and Fernando Briones, Research Professor for the Senior Board of the Scientific Research Agency, representing Spain. The Director-General of the INL is Prof. José Rivas (in Portuguese) and the Deputy Director-General is Prof. Paulo Freitas (in Portuguese).

Photographs of the INL construction work taken on 27 February 2009:

Laboratory and offices wing:
Laboratory and offices wing

Public amenities:
Public amenities

Auditorium area:
Auditorium area

Clean room area:
Clean room area

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