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Meeting of the Joint Portugal – Spain Committee for e-Science Cooperation

 - 12/01/2009

Portugal and Spain flags together The Joint Portugal-Spain Committee for e-Science Cooperation met at the Ministry of Science and Innovation of Spain, in Madrid on 12 January 2009 to analyse the progress made and plans to be developed under the scope of the cooperation between the two countries with regard to IBERGRID, voluntary computing, supercomputing, the education and research networks of the two countries and open access scientific repositories.

The Portuguese delegation was headed by the President of Knowledge Society Agency (UMIC), Luis Magalhães, and included the Portuguese coordinator for these cooperation Programmemes, Gaspar Barreira, the President of the Foundation for National Scientific Computation (FCCN – Fundação para a Computação Científica Nacional), Pedro Veiga, as well as individuals involved in the more technical aspects, such as Grid Computing (Jorge Gomes, of the Associated Laboratory LIP – The Experimental Particle Physics and Instrumentation Laboratory), Supercomputing (Manuel Fiolhais, from the Centre for Computational Physics of the University of Coimbra), of Voluntary Computing (Rui Brito, from CNC – Centre for Neurosciences and Cellular Biology of Coimbra) and open access scientific repositories (Diogo Gomes, from FCCN).

The representative counterparts from Spain were connected to the Ministry of Science and Innovation and to the e-Science Plan for Spain (Juan José Moreno, Vicente Hernández, UPV; MICINN; Luis Eduardo Ruiz, MICINN; Alfonso Tarancón, BIFI – UNIZAR; José Ramón Sánchez, MICINN; Francisco Herrada, MICINN; Víctor Castelo, MICINN; Ramón Gavela, CIEMAT; Tomás de Miguel, REDIRIS; Ignacio Blanquer, UPV; Nacho Martín Llorente, UCM; Mateo Valero, BSC; Isabel Campos, IFCA; and Javier García Tobío, CESGA).

The results of the meeting were sent to the corresponding ministries of both countries, so as to be considered at the Summit between Spain and Portugal on 22 January 2009, in Zamora, Spain.

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