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3rd Meeting of the INL Board

 - 27/06/2008

Logo of INL International Iberian Nanotechnology LaboratoryThe Board of the INL - International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory, meeting in Madrid on 27 June 2008, approved the proposals for awarding the tenders for infrastructure and underground networks construction and the respective inspection work presented by the Director-General. It also approved the launch of calls for tender for the final construction work, special equipment, furniture and the respective inspection work. Additionally, the Director-General's report on activities undertaken was examined.

The INL, which is currently being built in Braga, is a joint Portuguese – Spanish initiative. It is the first international scientific organisation on the Iberian Peninsula and the first, and thus far the only, nanotechnology scientific organisation with international legal status.

At the previous meeting, held on 30 May 2008, the INL Board designated the top-level management and defined the Laboratory’s initial guidelines.

The Board comprises: Luis Magalhães, President of The Knowledge Society Agency (UMIC), João Sentieiro, President of Science and Technology Foundation (FCT), Carolina Rego Costa, Jurist, Assistant to the Minister for Science, Technology and Higher Education, on behalf of Portugal, and José Manuel Labastida, Secretary-General for Science and Technology Policy, Montserrat Torné, Director-General for International Cooperation at the Ministry of Innovation and Science, and Fernando Briones, Research Professor at the Higher Scientific Research Council Agency, representing Spain. The Director-General of the INL is Prof. José Rivas and the Deputy Director-General is Prof. Paulo Freitas.

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