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8th Meeting of the i2010 High Level Group

 - 17/11/2008

i2010 Initiative logotype The 8th Meeting of the i2010 High Level Group was held on 18th November 2008 in the Presidency of the European Commission building in Brussels. The members are Directors-General for the Information Society, representing the Member States.

Portugal is represented at the i2010 High Level Group by the President of the Knowledge Society Agency (UMIC).

The meeting agenda included: Information and Communication Technologies for energy efficiency, information on the Ministerial Conference on e-Inclusion to be held in Vienna from 30th November to 2nd December, and options for future work in this area, and the i2010 High Level Group’s work in 2008/2009 (updating the post-i2010 agenda).

The meeting was preceded by a i2010 High Level Group meeting with the Ad Hoc ICT and Energy Efficiency Advisory Group, set up in June 2008, where proposals on this topic were discussed and a presentation of the Caio report prepared by the Government of the United Kingdom - The Next Phase of Broadband UK – was given by the author Francesco Caio himself, leading to subsequent discussion. The focus of this report is an evaluation of the development of Access to New Generation Networks (NGN) in the United Kingdom which concludes that there is no reason for justifying the Government’s investment to subsidise the construction of NGN in the UK, as such should take place in the scope of the non-government subsidised telecommunications market, but that information from regulators and the telecommunications industry should be used on the road to installing the new network.

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