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Portuguese Low-Cost Computer Developed for 1st-Cycle Students

 - 30/07/2008

Computadores Magalhães a serem usados por criançasA Portuguese consortium, JP Sá Couto – Prológica, in partnership with the multinational company Intel, has launched a new laptop computer based on the 2nd version of Intel’s Classmate (see product brief). The launch took place on 3 April 2008, and the laptop has been specifically designed for the education market. 30% of the new computer’s technology will be Portuguese in the 1st production phase and by the end of the year, all technology included will be Portuguese, with the exception of Intel’s microprocessor.

The computer, named the “Magalhães”, will be manufactured in Matosinhos by the consortium JP Sá Couto-Prológica and may be exported to Africa, Latin America and Europe. The computer is Internet-enabled, has an autonomy of six hours, is shockproof and waterproof, operates on an Intel-Celeron M processor at 900 MHz, runs the Windows XP and Linus operating systems, has 512 MB RAM memory, a 30 GB hard disk, 9-inch screen, weighs 1.4 kg and is estimated to cost 180 Euros to produce.

Half a million students from the 1st cycle of elementary education in Portugal will receive this type of computer under the new e.escolinha (Little eSchools) programme as part of the Technological Plan. It will be free for students registered in the 1st school welfare bracket, 20 Euros for children in the 2nd school welfare bracket and 50 Euros for students not covered by school welfare. The first computers should be delivered to schools in September.

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