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Beginning of the Carnegie Mellon - Portugal Program Preparation

 - 10/03/2006

Logotype of the CMU – Carnegie Mellon UniversityOn 10 March 2006 an accord was signed in Aveiro under the framework of the Forum for the Information Society, organized by The Knowledge Society Agency (UMIC), between the Portuguese State and Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) with regard to preparing the process of cooperation between these universities, within the scope of the internationalisation strategy for the Portuguese scientific and technological community and higher educational system, as laid down in the Technological Plan and divided into Knowledge Networks activities. This new collaboration will establish institutional relationships between Canegie Mellon in areas connected to the development of information systems and networks, including aspects of security and the development of software engineering.

The process now underway includes an initial stage of identifying and selecting programs, activities and instruments in Portugal which will be able to benefit from the desired bilateral cooperation, and will be coordinated by Professors José Manuel Fonseca de Moura, of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Canegie Mellon, and Pradeep Khosla, Dean of the College of Engineering of Canegie Mellon. This initial stage should be concluded by July 2006, and lead to a medium and long-term institutional agreements.

It was agreed that the priorities for cooperation in terms of the development of advanced programs for education and research will be focused on the following areas:

  • Information networks architecture and management, including the optimisation of information systems in complex telecommunications operations and other emerging sectors and critical infrastructures;
  • Telecommunications systems and infrastructures, linking technical, commercial and regulation aspects for a new Internet generation;
  • Security for information systems;
  • Software engineering and areas related to Computer Science and Engineering;
  • Robotics;
  • Basic support sciences for information and communication technologies, including applied mathematics.

Further aspects to be considered include technology management (and technological risks), technological innovation and the commercialisation of information and communication technologies, through the promotion of a strategic vision for the public and private sectors and the creation of the necessary skills for the development of partnerships at the international level.

This process will be based on recent international experiences developed between Canegie Mellon and partner institutions in Japan and Korea, particularly through the setting up of the International Laboratories CyLab-Korea and Cylab-Japan.

This initiative forms part of the Knowledge Networks activities which seeks to strengthen scientific and technological cooperation with institutions of recognised international merit in a way that enables innovative projects that effectively help boost scientific and advanced training capability in Portugal.

This is intended to promote the effective internationalisation of Portuguese Higher Educational Institutions, by facilitating partnerships which can increase the supply of programs at an international level, as well as strengthen the recruitment of teaching and research staff and, in addition, stimulate economic growth through scientifically-based innovation, and thus attract new talents and activities with a greater extract value, as well as access to new markets by technologically-based Portuguese companies.


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