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3rd Meeting of the Board of Directors of the CMU-Portugal Program

 - 21/07/2008

Carnegie Mellon University logo The CMU-Portugal Program Board of Directors met for the 3rd time on 5 and 6 June 2008, at CMU-Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA, to consider its 2007/2008 activity report and to plan its 2008/2009 activities.

This Board of Directors is chaired by the President of the Science and Technology Foundation (FCT), João Sentieiro, and also includes the CMU President Jared Cohon, the Dean of the School of Engineering of the University of CMU, Pradeep Koshla, the President of The Knowledge Society Agency (UMIC), Luis Magalhães, Alfredo Baptista from Portugal Telecom and the respective directors of the program at CMU and in Portugal, José Manuel F. Moura and Victor Barroso. At this meeting Alfredo Baptista was represented by Manuel Garcia, also from Portugal Telecom.

Members of the Board took advantage of the Board meeting at CMU to organise visits to various CMU Departments, research centres and with senior CMU administrators and these took place between 4 and 6 June 2008. These members, or their representatives, included the School of Engineering of the University of Minho, the School of Economics and Management of the Portuguese Catholic University, the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of the New University of Lisbon, IST-Lisbon, and the University of Aveiro and also a multidepartmental team from Telecom Portugal.

The Board of Directors meeting began by inviting the representative of the Heads of the Portuguese Faculties involved in the program to present the views of this group on the progress of the program and any desirable changes, and continued with analysis and considerations of the following points: Professional Masters and PhD teaching programs; impact on the culture of Portuguese universities; funding rules for 2008/2009 and components linked to performance and success introduced into the competitive bidding open to R&D projects under the scope of specific areas of the CMU-Portugal Program for which researchers from any Portuguese institution may apply as long as they are in a consortium with one of the institutions associated with the Program; organizational aspects and the institutional strengthening of the Program; the extension of the researchers and teaching staff in Portugal and CMU who are in direct contact with the Program.

The CMU-Portugal was started on 27 October 2007, under the scope of the Knowledge Networks activity, which forms part of the Commitment to Science for Portugal’s Future initiative. The main areas of its teaching and research activities are: processing and information networks, including software engineering, information networks, information security and the computational processing of language, sensor networks and technologies, public policies and technological innovation, and mathematics.

More information: CMU – Portugal Program, Information and Communication Technologies Institute, ICTI, 2nd Meeting of the Board of Directors of the CMU – Portugal Program - 28/02/2008.

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