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Cable TV Penetration hits 29% in Portuguese Households

 - 04/10/2005

Casa dos Bits/TeKsapo published the following news item:

Growth rates are much lower than those of a few years ago, but cable television networks continue to add clients for their services, as is borne out by the figures revealed today by Anacom.

According to the market regulator, in the second quarter of 2005, thirty thousand new clients joined the service – up 2.1 percent on the previous quarter, with 1,468,000 subscribers in total.

The Anacom figures show the service penetration rate in relation to the number of households has now hit 29.3 percent, while 14 percent of the Portuguese population has access to cable television services.

The geographic distribution of subscribers mirrors previous periods, with more than half the total number of subscribers concentrated in Lisbon, followed by the North region with 24% of the total and the Central region with 11% of subscribers.

The Anacom press release also shows that in the second quarter of this year, there were 404,000 subscribers to direct-to-home cable television (DTH technology), up 2.9% on the previous quarter.

The communications regulator’s figures do not show how many cable network subscribers subscribe to Internet access or telephone services.

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