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Council of EU IS Ministers meeting approves e-Inclusion Conclusions

 - 30/11/2007

EU Presidency logo -Science, Technology and Higher Education The Council of the European Union met on 29th November 2007 in Brussels and, acting on the Portuguese Presidency of the EU’s proposal, approved conclusions regarding e-inclusion for the elderly (Ageing Well in the Information Society). The Commission presented its European i2010 initiative on e-Inclusion - to be part of the information society to the Council on 8th November 2007. The Portuguese Presidency informed the Council of the e-Inclusion Ministerial Debate being held in Lisbon on 2nd and 3rd December 2007, which is the first opportunity for Ministers to have a preliminary discussion of the Commission’s publication.

Lastly, the Portuguese Presidency presented a written point of information regarding On RFID – The next step to The Internet of Things, and provided information concerning the "On RFID – The next step to THE INTERNET OF THINGS" Conference and Exhibition (in Portuguese) held in Oeiras on 15th – 16th November 2007 and on the following conferences:

The "On RFID – The next step to THE INTERNET OF THINGS" Conference and Exhibition was jointly organised by Knowledge Society Agency (UMIC), IAPMEI – SME and Innovation Support Institute and the Portuguese company Link Consulting. It was also publicly sponsored by the Science and Technology Foundation (FCT), ANACOM – National Communications Authority, IST - Instituto Superior Técnico, and Universidade do Minho, in addition to several companies.

The 4th eGovernment Ministerial Conference was organised by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, AMA – Agency for Administrative Modernisation, PI (site in Portuguese) and Knowledge Society Agency (UMIC), in conjunction with the European Commission.

As the 2nd Internet Governance Forum was held during the Portuguese Presidency of the EU, the European Union was represented by the Portuguese delegation headed by the Minister for Science, Innovation and Higher Education, José Mariano Gago, who made an intervention at the opening session (in Portuguese) as the incumbent president of the Council of Ministers of the European Union responsible for Information Society policies. The delegation also included the President of Knowledge Society Agency (UMIC), who took over the duties as head of the delegation from the afternoon of 12th November, chairing the meetings of the EU Member States’ delegations and the European Commission to prepare an intervention on behalf of the EU at the “Taking Stock and the Way Forward” session – the last plenary session before the meeting was closed on 15th November.

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