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3rd Innovation Days

 - 03/11/2007

3rd Innovation Days logo Adl – the Innovation Agency – is organising the 3rd Innovation Days, with the support of Knowledge Society Agency (UMIC) and the Knowledge Society Operational Programme, to be held from 7th to 10th November 2007 in Pavilion 3 and the Multiusos Pavilion at FIL - Parque das Nações. The objectives of these days are to share R&D results, support economic appreciation of the results and to encourage partnerships and synergy finding between entrepreneurs, researchers and investors.

Recent statistics confirm an upturn in company R&D and the impact of innovation on the balance of payments.

More than 300 outputs from company projects in three exhibition spaces in Pavillion 3 and the Multiusos Pavillion at FIL – Parque das Nações.

  • Exhibition of outputs from applied company R&D projects;
  • Exhibition of New Technology Companies, which have emerged from harnessing R&D outputs;
  • Exhibition of Universities’ and other SCT Bodies’ R&D of market interest.

At the same time as the exhibition, there will be presentation and discussion sessions on various topics, namely:

  • Presentation of New Technology Companies (text in Portuguese);
  • Presentation of Projects (text in Portuguese) in the fields of: Defence and Security, Sea, Agriculture and Agro-food, Health and Pharmaceuticals, Transport and Other Services, Energy and the Environment, Textiles, Clothing and Footwear, Metallurgy and Metal-Mechanics, Transport Facilities, Non-metallic Minerals and Civil Construction, Chemicals and Plastics, Software and Services for Companies, Electronics and Instrumentation, and Telecommunications;
  • Scientific Employment in Companies;
  • University/Company Cooperation;
  • Internationalisation of technology based companies;
  • Partnerships for the Future, namely the MIT- Portugal Programme, UT Austin – Portugal Programme, CMU – Portugal Programme;
  • EUREKA Programme;
  • 7th R&D Framework Programme;
  • International Technology Transfer.

The 3rd Innovation Days, organised by Adl, and projects setting up new technology based companies via Adl receive financial support from Knowledge Society Agency (UMIC) and the Knowledge Society Operational Programme. Other Adl actions with UMIC support include the Technology and Knowledge Transfer Workshops (OTIC) and the Competence Networks.

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