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315th Meeting of CREST Scientific and Technical Research Committee, European Union

 - 06/07/2007

Logotype of CREST - EU Scientific and Technical Research Committee The 315th meeting of CREST – Scientific and Technical Research Committee, chaired by the Director General for Research at the European Commission, José Silva Rodriguez, and with Member States represented by their Director-Generals, will take place in the European Council building in Brussels on 6th July 2007. As this meeting is taking place a mere fortnight before the Informal Meeting of Ministers for Competitiveness  – Research, one of its objectives is to make progress on technical preparation points for the Informal Meeting of Ministers.

This CREST meeting will take place in the first week of the Portuguese Presidency of the EU, therefore the first point on the agenda will be dedicated to information from the Presidency on the priorities and main events outlined for the R&D area, which will be presented by the head of the Portuguese delegation, Luis Magalhães, President of Knowledge Society Agency (UMIC).

The meeting agenda includes information from the European Commission, discussion of progress towards the target of spending 3% on R&D and action priorities for developing the European Research Area, which shall include discussion of investment, Member States’ R&D public policies and priorities, private investment in research and human resources in S&T, and shall conclude with a discussion of the agenda for the following CREST meeting, which is scheduled for 11th – 12th October in the Azores.

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