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Online Register for Car Sales and Purchases

 - 04/09/2007

Automóvel Online LogotypeAs of 4th September 2007, it is now possible to file records of car purchases and sales online and pay for these records.

To transfer records, buyer and vendor authentification is required at the Automóvel Online web site, where the records are requested and confirmed using eSignature certificates.

Authentication with an electronic signature can be done on the Automóvel Online website by the purchaser or seller themselves if they have a Citizen's Card, or by proxy through a lawyer, solicitor or notary who holds an electronic signature certificate, which is widespread in Portugal in these professions. In this way, the identity authentification system is identical to the one that has been used since 30th June 2006 to set up companies online via the Portal da Empresa (Enterprise´s Portal).

The records services register the new ownership details within a maximum of two days after the online application request process for the records has been concluded and then notify the owner by email. The new Single Automobile Document is sent to the purchaser by mail.

With this system, the purchaser and seller can be in different places and do not need to go to records offices or other public services in person. The seller receives an email containing information of the record in the purchaser’s name and keeps the respective confirmation. The registration process is 15 euros cheaper, which equates to a 25% reduction in cost when compared with the traditional system.

In this way, Portugal is one of the first countries in the world to make registration when buying and selling vehicles virtual, with the aforementioned advantages. A million such registrations are made each year in Portugal, which means that this virtual service has the potential to have a huge impact, both economically and in terms of convenience for those involved.

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