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Public Presentation of the “Internet Segura” Project

 - 03/07/2007

Internet SeguraThe Internet Segura (site in Portuguese) project will be presented to the public on 5th July from 12 pm to 1 pm at the FCCN – Foundation for National Scientific Computation, located on the premises of the National Civil Engineering Laboratory, Av. Do Brasil 101, Lisbon.

The meeting agenda (in Portuguese) includes interventions from representatives of each of the bodies participating in the project and from the corresponding services of the European Commission.

As well as the presentation of the (site in Portuguese) portal, where informative content will be made available on safe and aware Internet use for the general public, there will also be a presentation of, which shall receive tip-offs flagging possible illegal Internet content for later investigation and possible legal action.

This therefore sets up the hotline that was announced on European Safer Internet Day on 6th February 2007.

Use of information and communication technologies (ICT) has profoundly altered the way people live – how they learn, work, spend their free time and interact, both in terms of personal relationships and organisations.

As well as all the possibilities and benefits of ICT use, namely access to knowledge, collaboration between people and organisations, social inclusion and wealth creation, we must ensure, as with other means of interaction, that there are appropriate mechanisms and strategies to minimise possible abuse or illegal aspects stemming from the use of these technologies. In this respect, one of the strategic guidelines of the Connecting Portugal action programme adopted by the Government in July 2005 is to “Guarantee the Safety and Privacy of Internet Use”, more specifically to “ensure that everyone, and families in particular, has instruments to protect from risks that may stem from using the Internet and has information on how to use them”.

The Internet Segura (site in Portuguese) project is a step in this direction, linking up with equivalent projects in the Member States of the European Union. The project is the responsibility of a consortium coordinated by Agency, also involving the Directorate-General for Innovation and Curricular Development/CRIE (site in Portuguese) of the Ministry of Education, the Foundation for National Scientific Computation (FCCN) (site in Portuguese) and Microsoft Portugal. After having assessed and approved this project’s application to the European Commission’s European programme Safer Internet Plus, the respective contract between the consortium and the European Commission was signed last month, concluding the formalisation process for the start of the project.

In this way, the work of the bodies involved in the Safer Internet Network (text in Portuguese)  is linked federally and the door is open for more linkage between Insafe Network (text in Portuguese)  and Inhope Network (text in Portuguese) projects internationally.

The Portuguese project’s aims are as follows:

  1. Fight illegal content;
  2. Minimise the effects of citizens’ illegal and harmful content;
  3. Promote safe use of the Internet;
  4. Raise society’s awareness of the risks associated with Internet use.

The following activities are being carried out to meet these objectives:

  1. Creation of an Advisory Board, consisting of relevant individuals and bodies;
  2. Creation of an online service which people can inform of illegal content;
  3. Making information available on the dangers associated with Internet use, bearing in mind different target audiences and media formats;
  4. Making relevant informative, educational and interactive content available on safe Internet use;
  5. Promote the private sector’s involvement in schemes promoting Safe Internet use.

Protocols are planned to formalise the cooperation of Internet Service Providers and the Law and Order authorities in schemes carried out under the Internet Segura project, with the emphasis on cooperation between the different bodies, which is required for the Linha Alerta Internet Segura (Safe Net Alert Line) to operate efficiently to deal with information given to it by any individual (

In this way, Portugal joins the group of countries with a public service for receiving messages flagging illegal content on the Internet. The Linha Alerta Internet Segura service is intended to give the public a series of ways to report anonymously any situation that may be a case of abuse of minors, an excuse for racism, xenophobia and violence. These messages will be sorted and duly forwarded for further investigation and possible legal action.

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