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Launching of the U Texas Austin – Portugal Program

 - 02/03/2007

Logotype of the University of Texas at Austin On 2nd March 2007, the agreements from the U Texas Austin - Portugal Program were signed at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa’s Faculty of Sciences and Technology in Almada. This comes under the Government’s current work to strengthen scientific and technological cooperation with institutions of recognised international merit in a way that enables innovative projects that effectively help boost scientific and advanced training capability in Portugal.

The U Texas Austin - Portugal Program encompasses the joint implementation of an International Collaboratory for Emerging Technologies, CoLab, which includes the establishment of a network to stimulate marketing activities for Science and Technology (University Technology Enterprise Network, UTEN).

The international consortium responsible for harnessing the economic value of science and technology and the development of new technology-based companies (UTEN) includes the Technology and Knowledge Transfer Workshops (OTICs) of all public Portuguese universities and science and technology parks working in relevant academic research has been planned to enable them to become international and provide access to new emerging markets.

This agreement with the University of Texas in Austin follows on from the Carnegie Mellon – Portugal and MIT – Portugal agreements. It includes three PhD programs (in Digital Content, Advances Computing, Mathematics) and an annual vocational masters program in digital content. It also includes research activities and technology and knowledge transfer between universities, the scientific and technology system and companies.

Knowledge Society Agency (UMIC) signed the respective collaboration agreement which also takes in 15 universities and their respective affiliated research centres and units in the involved thematic areas, 3 Associated Laboratories, 4 science and technology parks, the Innovation Agency and the FCT – Foundation for Science and Technology. UNIC is chiefly involved in the Digital Content and advanced Computing areas, especially in terms of contributions to national policies for the Information Society and Grid Computation.

An agreement was also signed with the FCT, 9 companies, the Casa da Música Foundation and the Serralves Foundations, affiliating these bodies to the U Texas Austin - Portugal Program.


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