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European Safer Internet Day

 - 04/02/2007

Internet SeguraEuropean Safer Internet Day is on Tuesday, 6th February 2007. Various initiatives will be carried out in Portugal throughout the week:

- A space for the SafeNet project will be opened on Monday, 5th February on the (site in Portuguese) website where best practices by schools under the SafeNet 1 project (2004/2006) will be posted, as will the best work from the 2006 national SafeNet competition.

On European Safer Internet Day, there will be:

  • Visits to 20 Portuguese Schools involved in the European Competition Safer Internet Day, and awareness-raising sessions in these schools by the CRIE team, Microsoft and by the Ministry of Education’s Competence Centres;
  • Blogathon – School contributions to a global blog on the Safe Internet, stemming from a partnership involving schools from 25countries;
  • Launch of the national Farol (lighthouse) SeguraNet competition for schools, which challenges Portuguese schools to obtain a SeguraNet lighthouse. To do this, they will have to organise themselves and take part in monthly challenges until they can obtain certification for their school as a safe Internet use area.

- There will be a seminar on the Wednesday entitled “From the Internet bogeymen to an enlightened use of the Internet”, including a video debate broadcast. The new version of the (site in Portuguese) will also be launched publicly.

- Different activities will be held on the Thursday and Friday in schools and Competence Centres on critical, enlightened and safe Internet use. A report will be made available on the SeguraNet space at (site in Portuguese) .

With the aim of promoting critical, enlightened and safe Internet use by children and young people, families, workers and citizens in general, the Knowledge Society Agency (UMIC), the Directorate-General for Innovation and Curricular Development/ Computers, Networks and Internet at School Mission Team (DGIDC/CRIE), the Foundation for National Scientific Computation (FCCN) and Microsoft (MSFT – Software para Microcomputadores Lda) have submitted an application to promote and raise the public’s awareness of safe Internet use in the scope of the European programme, Safer Internet Plus.

This UMIC-coordinated consortium was set up to spread the strategy started by DGIDC/CRIE in schools and the educational community, in the scope of the SeguraNet project under the original Safer Internet programme, extending awareness-raising schemes and promoting safe Internet use in other sectors of society, as well as creating a hotline for people to report illegal or harmful user content. The consortium is awaiting the European Commission’s approval of its application, but is already involved in supporting and publicising initiatives concerning safer and more enlightened Internet use.

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