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INGRID'06 Day – 11th Nov 2006

 - 07/11/2006

InGRID'06 logotype Marking the opening of the 1st call for proposals under the National GRID Initiative, INGRID’06 Day is being held on 11th November 2006, from 8 am to 6.15 pm in the Auditorium of the Science Faculty on the Universidade do Minho’s Gualtar campus in Braga. For information and enrolments, go to the corresponding web pages. A Science and Technology Foundation (FCT) initiative, with the collaboration of the Knowledge Society Agency (UMIC) and the support of the Universidade do Minho, the day intends to contribute towards facilitating applications for the aforementioned call by the scientific and technological community and to transmit information about opportunities in this area in the European Union’s VII Research Framework Programme.

INGRID’06 Day will be attended by the Minister for Science, Innovation and Higher Education, Prof. José Mariano Gago, and the Coordinator of International Monitoring Committee for the National GRID Initiative, Prof. Wolfgang von Rüden, as well as interventions from guest researchers from different institutions from Portugal and other European Union countries.

There will be a public presentation of the SeARCH Computational Cluster slotted into the Day’s agenda at 2.30pm, with roughly 120 generic 64 bit processors and 8 processors for vector calculation, which were purchased with the support of the FCT’s National Scientific Re-Equipment Programme. This Cluster will be the main tie between the Universidade do Minho in Braga and the national GRID Computation infrastructure. The system currently offers the greatest numeric processing power installed in Portugal (with a performance of 2.5 Tflops).

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