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Internet Spaces Network Meeting

 - 28/10/2006

Internet Spaces Network Meeting logoGet to know Portugal’s Internet Spaces – visit, use, learn and interact

The Internet Spaces Network Meeting is being held on 3rd and 4th November 2006 in Pavilion 1 of the Lisbon Trade Fair in Parque das Nações in Lisbon. The Pavilion will open from 11 am to 9 pm on the two days and entrance is free.

Internet Spaces are free public access points where computers and the Internet are regularly available, backed up by their own staff (monitors), to help people use these technologies. Many of these spaces meet accessibility criteria for citizens with special needs.

In addition to several best-practice exchanges, training and development of collaborative activities chiefly for Internet Spaces monitors, several Internet Spaces have been installed in the Pavilion for public use, involving hundreds of computers.

Internet Spaces Network Meeting - FIL, 3 and 4 November

The public will be able to use the computers and Internet free of charge, just as in the hundreds of Internet Spaces operating throughout the country. There will also be specific actions for the general public, such as beginners’ activities, ICT Basic Skills Diploma awards ceremonies, information on protection and safety when using the Internet, and help with use for specific purposes, such as using public services on the Internet, for example requesting civil, commercial or building records, notification of change of address, filing tax returns and consulting information on job vacancies.

There will also be activities to help specific groups, such as children, the elderly, immigrant communities and citizens with special needs, use computers and the Internet.

The meeting is part of the Internet Spaces Network organisational activities. The Network’s objectives are:

  • Establishing a national collaborative framework for Internet Spaces;
  • Promoting use of ICT and e-Inclusion activities through coordination;
  • Fostering exchange of best practices and disseminating initiatives;
  • Harnessing the integrated contribution of the various stakeholders and their commitment to developing and making the most as far as possible of this network’s powerful instrument for inclusion, which stems from its size and national coverage.

The Internet Spaces Network is part of an articulated community currently joining the 840 Internet Spaces operating in different locations around the country. It encompasses those created as specific public facilities in municipalities, those created in cities and digital regions, in social solidarity institutions, in Choices Programme (site in Portuguese) e-Inclusion centres, in Ciência Viva centres, job and training centres, and in cultural, leisure and sport associations.

The meeting is being organised by Knowledge Society Agency (UMIC), in partnership with POSC – Knowledge Society Operational Programme.

icon Pavilion 1 Activities (text in Portuguese) (101.12 KB)
icon Pavilion 1 Activities (text in Portuguese) (13.07 KB)

icon Activities for Internet Spaces Monitors (text in Portuguese) (53.66 KB)
icon Activities for Internet Spaces Monitors – Text Version (text in Portuguese) (3.14 KB)

icon Conference Programme  (text in Portuguese) (53.31 KB)
icon Conference Programme – Text Version (text in Portuguese) (1.58 KB) 

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