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Knowledge Society Agency (UMIC)
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Open Calls for Proposals

 - 31/01/2006

Calls for Proposals for projects in the scope of the following Knowledge Society Operational Programme (POSC) measures: Measure 4.1. Improve Broadband Infrastructures, Measure 4.2. Promote Production of Broadband Content and Applications, Measure 4.3. Promote Use of Broadband Internet, Measure 6.2. ICT Integrated Training Actions. Open from 1st February to 28th April 2006.

Calls for proposals for projects in the scope of Measure 6.1.Supporting the POSC’s Development of Technological Competences in Innovation in Information and Communication Technologies. Open from 1st February to 28th April 2006.

Calls for proposals for Measures 3.6./3.12 Internet Spaces – Regional Operational Programmes - Deconcentrated Knowledge Society Interventions. Open until 31st December 2006, in the operational programmes for the North, Central, Alentejo and Algarve regions.

Call for proposals for R&D projects for the development of a non-manned observation aircraft for the detection of forest fires, with the support of Measure 1.3 of the POSC.

Call for proposals for projects setting up new companies under the NEOTEC initiative, in particular as regards programmes using knowledge generated by National Scientific System institutions, with the support of Measure 7.2 of the POSC.

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