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Europaper Digital 2006

 - 28/02/2006

Digital Europaper 2006 is part of the Europaper trade fair being held by FIL - Feira Internacional de Lisboa/AIP, from 2nd to 5th March 2006 with the theme of eCommerce. In this context, due to the Government’s decision in August 2005 for eInvoicing to be adopted by the public administration by the end of 2006, Knowledge Society Agency (UMIC), in partnership with FIL, is organising the following seminar on 3rd March 2006:

2nd Digital Europaper Seminar:-Adopting Electronic Invoicing as a Modernising Feature

9.30 – 10.00am: Opening

Jorge Rocha de Matos, President of AIP
Luis Magalhães (text in Portuguese), President of UMIC
João Amaral Tomaz, Secretary of State for Fiscal Affairs (to be confirmed)
José Mariano Gago, Minister for Science, Technology and Higher Education

10.00 –11.00am: eInvoicing – Concept, legal framework, fiscal aspects

Moderator: Manuel Ricou, UMIC
Luís Cabrita, Association for eCommerce in Portugal, Prológica
Manuel Lopes Rocha (text in Portuguese), Aliança Digital, Ferreira Pinto e Associados
Manuel Prates (text in Portuguese), Directorate-General for Contributions and Tax

11.00 –11.00am: Coffee break

11.15am –12.15pm: Economic, Social and Organisational Impacts of Adopting Electronic Invoicing

Moderator: Luis Magalhães, UMIC
Alexandre Nilo Fonseca (text in Portuguese), Aliança Digital, Association for eCommerce in Portugal
Miguel Pinto Cruz (text in Portuguese), Sonae Distribuição
José Carlos Teixeira (text in Portuguese), TradeForum

12.00 – 12.30pm: Closing session

Maria Manuel Leitão Marques, Coordinator of UCMA – Administrative Modernisation Coordination Unit
Luis Magalhães, President of UMIC

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