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Knowledge Society Agency (UMIC)
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Public Administration invests in Broadband

 - 08/03/2006

Logo of the Information and Knowledge Society Observatory 100% central government bodies have an Internet connection, of which 85% have broadband.

100% of Municipal Councils also have an Internet connection, 95% of which have broadband.

The Knowledge Society Agency (UMIC) today publishes data on central and local government use of information and communication technologies in 2006, obtained from two surveys: one for Central Government and the other for Local Government.

96% of Municipal Councils have their own website and the following have been given as main reasons for building websites: disseminating institutional information (98%), promoting local tourism and culture (98%), and publicising cultural and sporting events and other municipal activities (95%). The most-widely available functions are email for receiving questions and complaints (91%) and downloads of forms (70%).

The Knowledge Society Agency (UMIC) is a Public Institute under the aegis of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education, which is tasked with planning, coordinating and developing Information Society projects.

2005 Survey on Municipal Council Information and Communication Technology Use -  >> (text in Portuguese)

2005 Survey on Central Government Information and Communication Technology Use -  >> (text in Portuguese)

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