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Knowledge Society Agency (UMIC)
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  • Archive of the Portuguese Web

    In early 2008 began the systematic process of archiving of the Portuguese Web content, i.e., the pages of domains under the Top Level Country Code .pt, by gathering and storing complete snapshots every two months. Earlier content of domains under .pt that had been previously gathered by the Internet Archive was purchased to this organization in order to be also preserved within the Archive of the Portuguese Web.

  • Educational and Cultural Content

    A broad selection of educational content has been developed at universities and polytechnic institutes as part of the Campus Virtual (e-U) projects. Furthermore, a call for tender for the production of educational content was conducted in the area of elementary and secondary education, leading to 256 projects being approved, which are still in progress.

  • Creative Commons

    The Portuguese version of the Creative Commons licenses was launched on 13 November 2006 by The Knowledge Society Agency (UMIC), in partnership with FCEE-UCP – the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences (FCEE) of the Portuguese Catholic University and INTELI – Intelligence in Innovation.

  • Information of Public Interest

    Several actions are in progress to promote the online availability of medical information, information on the environment and the weather and regarding public risks, food safety, epidemics, pollution and others.